2017 Scholarship Recipients

  • Marissa Ceccato (See-cot-oh) is a creative advertising student and is working toward a career in graphic design or as an art director. She is a member of the Undergraduate Communication Association.
  • Alison Mass is a junior Advertising Management major and Graphic Design minor. She is a digital Marketing Intern at Muller Design, and involved in the American Advertising Federation, the Michigan State Advertising Association, and Spartan Fund. Mass also volunteers at the Refugee Development Center. 
  • Caitlin McCamant has a creative passion that she has fuelled with the use of Adobe Creative Cloud. She hopes to work as a Creative Director in the future to fully maximize her creative potential.
  • Olivia Mitchell spends her time delving into the topic psychology that she believes further her creative advertising interests. Her goal is to become a creative director who is surrounded by equally passionate individuals.
  • Campbell Thompson has a passion to explore the world and has been inspired by MSU’s study abroad program. She is dual majoring in studio art and creative advertising, and she hopes to work in global non-profit work.